Latest DVSA Driving Test Booking Update

Reopening the driving test booking service

The following was updated by the DVSA on Sept 13th 2020.

We are reopening the public driving test booking service on Monday 14 September between 8am and midnight unless tests run out before midnight. Please be aware that no new bookings can be started after 11:40pm.

If you or your pupils do not manage to complete the booking before the service closes, your place in the queue can be held overnight as long as you joined the queue before 11pm.

For all devices, you or your pupils will need to keep the browser open after the system closes at midnight and return online by 8.10am next day.

You or your pupils will then re-join the queue at the same place when the service reopens again, as long as you joined the queue before 11pm.

Car driving tests will be available to the public to book in England, Scotland and Wales, with tests available to book for the next 18 weeks.

We have made 375,000 new and rescheduled tests available to be booked for dates between 14 September and 21 January 2021. As well as increasing available tests to 18 weeks ahead we will be moving from 5 to 6 car tests a day from 19 October.

Driving examiners are now familiar with using PPE such as face coverings and gloves and using the latest guidance for carrying out tests. This means there is more capacity to safely increase the test programmes from 5 to 6 a day.

Changes to the booking service

This week we have made improvements to our test booking service. These will improve both the security of online payments and our ability to take online payments.

This will help increase the capacity of the booking service and help you and your pupils book a test more quickly.

Entitlement checks

Before making a booking you and your pupils will be made aware that booking is subject to confirmation that the learner has the right entitlement.

This check will be done before the date of their driving test.

If you or your pupils book a short notice test a flag will be put on these bookings and these entitlements will be checked as priority to make sure this has been done before the day of the test.

To reduce the risk of you or your pupils having tests cancelled, please check that they have the right entitlement and valid theory test certificate before booking a test.

If you don’t then you or your pupil will be contacted, the test cancelled, and offered a refund.

Tests on hold

This week we have emailed everyone with a car test on hold and encouraged them to choose an appointment at

To do this they will need 2 of the following pieces of information:

  • their driving licence number
  • their theory test pass certificate number
  • their driving test booking reference number

If your pupil had a test booked before the pandemic but has not received an email from DVSA they will now be able to choose a new appointment at

Driving tests availability

We will continue to use the queuing system, to ensure the stability of the service. So, when you or a pupil logs in, you will not have access to the service straight away.

You will be held in a queue and given a queue number. We will regularly update GOV.UK and our social media with information on driving test availability.

It is possible that you will be held in the queue for some time; please do not try to access the system using multiple devices as this increases the overall queue.

We will continue to update and our social media channels to let everyone know when all tests sell out.

All the available appointments are shown on the online service. The DVSA customer service centre does not have access to any other appointments, so please do not call or email them.

There is not a ‘waiting list’ or ‘cancellation list’ for driving tests. You can only book the appointments you can see online.

Making sure your pupils are prepared

Fewer than 50% pass the test and there could be long waiting times for a re-test – so you or your pupils should only book when they are confident they can pass.

It is vital that your pupils are test ready if they want to book now, as tests could be at short notice.

We encourage you and your pupils to make sure they have spent time practising on a variety of roads and in different driving conditions before booking a test.

Availability at your local test centre

If your pupil can’t book a test at their local centre, other nearby centres may be available. Your pupil should be properly prepared and able to take a test at any driving test centre.

New test slots will be made available on Monday 14 September. You and your pupils will need to check again when we add new tests if you cannot find one immediately.


Customer service centre

Our customer service centre is still receiving an extremely high number of calls and emails. We’re sorry for the delays in getting through.

You will not be able to secure an earlier date for your driving test if you call us.

Please help by only calling if absolutely necessary; new slots and cancellations are only available online.