How hard is it to pass your driving test in shrewsbury?

driving test in shrewsbury

How hard is it to pass the driving test in Shrewsbury

The things needed to pass the driving test successfully are not hard in themselves, you will be taught it as part of your driving lessons, however what does become hard is how you handle the pressure of the 40 minutes during your test

Because the driving test is a practical test, meaning you have to demonstrate that you can drive on your own, without any help in any circumstances it becomes quite nerve wracking. The reason for this is, you simply don’t know what test route you may encounter, which worries people but also you don’t know what traffic, or road issues you’re going to face on the day.

For instance, if you’re going to an exam about making pottery, you can be quite confident that you know whatever comes up or whatever you’re asked to make within reason, you’re going to have a good idea of how to do that.

However, with the driving test there are so many unknowns the often people worry and then they make mistakes and of course when you make a mistake it can be something as relatively simple as doing 35 miles an hour on a 30 mile an hour Rd and that’s the end of your test

We recently had a pupil fail their driving test despite the fact they got no driving faults at all, they simply forgot to check one mirror and they were given serious fault which meant they failed their driving test. This however seemed harsh, as if someone is good enough to drive around for 40 minutes and not accumulate one single driving fault, (bear in mind you’re allowed 15 and can still pass your driving test), it seems harsh that the person simply forgot one mirror and was deemed not good enough to pass their driving test that day.

However, there were probably people who passed that day with 14 or 15 driving faults and they were considered better drivers than the person with no driving faults at all??

Therefore we say to people it’s not about how good a driver you are, it’s simply about how you handle the pressure on the day, we have had pupils who have been such good drivers and yet taken four or five attempts to pass their driving test.

Yet, throughout their driving lessons they have been great examples of driving