Our situation with the DVSA

ADI  QUESTIONS – Driving School Shrewsbury

At present there is virtually no communication with the DVSA for driving instructors in shrewsbury, this is causing some very serious issues for some instructors and driving schools. There are still some points which are being refused an answer by the dvsa.

  • Which Government guidelines do they keep referring to as a reason why ADI’s cannot go and teach pupils who are not keyworkers?

This is the Govt advice


  1. Where people cannot be 2m apart, manage transmission risk **interesting it DOES NOT say if you can’t be 2m apart you cannot work so where do the DVSA get their advice??**

Where it’s not possible for people to be 2m apart, you should do everything practical to manage the transmission risk by:

  • considering whether an activity needs to continue for the business to operate (Yes)
  • keeping the activity time involved as short as possible (I am 60-90 mins max)
  • using screens or barriers to separate people from each other (not applicable or legal)
  • using back-to-back or side-to-side working whenever possible (I am)
  • staggering arrival and departure times (I DO)
  • reducing the number of people each person has contact with by using ‘fixed teams or partnering’ (I AM – same people each week)




3.3 Social distancing in vehicles

Objective: To maintain social distancing wherever possible between individuals when in vehicles:

  • if it is not possible to keep a 2m distance in a vehicle, consider additional safety measures  **AGAIN THE ADVICE IS NOT – DO NOT WORK**

Steps that will usually be needed:

  1. Devising mitigation measures where workers have no alternative but to work within 2m to minimise the risk of transmission, including:

    – single person or contactless refuelling where possible (ALL payments done by card)
    – using physical screening, provided this does not compromise safety, for example, through reducing visibility

– sitting side-by-side not face-to-face and increasing ventilation where possible (We do)

  1. Using a fixed pairing system if people have to work in close proximity, for example in a vehicle.(Same people each week)
  2. Making sure vehicles are well-ventilated to increase the flow of air, for example, by opening a window. (We Do)
  3. Ensure regular cleaning of vehicles, in particular between different users.
  4.  (We do – thoroughly, before, DURING and after each lesson)

So my question again, this is the GOVERNMENT advice – It does not tell people they can’t work – I am following the Government advice as stated above – So again Where is the Govt advice the DVSA refers to telling me I cannot teach non key workers?


2nd) If I can teach a doctor from a covid ward

 a nurse from a covid ward

 A shop worker from Asda who has people brushing against them, members of the public coughing and sneezing in store,

 a carer from a care home where there has already been several deaths of residents due to covid,

And all these have a keyworker test booked in the next 6 weeks, so they require at least 1 or 2 lessons per week so they have as much practice as possible – I can, in theory spend 20 or 30 hours per week with these people who are at high risk of either catching or passing on Covid, quite legally

So why is it unsafe to teach someone who works on his own repairing bicycles that is not a keyworker? Or someone who works as a mechanic or road sweeper?- Who am I more at risk from?


3rd) We all truly appreciate the rings the DVSA have to jump through, it took 6 weeks to change a bulb at our local test centre as it had to be done by the approved contractor (who were based 200 miles away) then the guy had to put on a high viz vest etc!

But what has teaching people to drive got to do with the DVSA not being able to offer tests? If the DVSA said we are not doing any tests for the next 3 months – the vast majority of driving lessons would still go ahead. From complete novices through to those getting towards test standard but not wanting to go weeks without practice. I don’t understand why they are stopping us from doing our job, whilst they make whatever changes are needed?

Why not just say driving test for the next 3 months are cancelled whilst we sort everything out – If you want to teach its your choice, you know your circumstances best – If you want driving lessons its your choice, you know your circumstances best and it will be at least 6-9 months before you will get a test date.

Then everyone is free to do what suits them best with no pressure on the DVSA

4th) Playing Devils advocate here – A speed limit in an oblong box is an advice sign – Do I have to follow the advice?

Until recently the DVSA always used to advise at least 60  hours of driving practice before going for test – How many followed that advice?

As the DVSA keep saying “Our advice to driving instructors is” I would presume that as we are following  the government guidelines above, we would not be breaking any laws by teaching non keyworkers?

As even the police have said that the 2 metre rules is advice it is not the law

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