5 ways learning to drive in Shrewsbury will make your life better

5 ways learning to drive in Shrewsbury will make your life better

Don't be shocked to think that learning to drive won't change your life
It can’t be true that taking driving lessons in Shrewsbury make your life better?

It seems an outrageous claim doesn’t it? You make look at the title and think, “That’s Ridiculous!” I want to learning to drive in shrewsbury, but I don’t think it will be a life changing experience! Well be prepared to be shocked! (perhaps)

TOP OF THE LIST – I can’t lie was going to do this in reverse order – but at number one, its just too good to make you wait! By far, without compare, without fear of contradiction… (perhaps) by far, and by a mile, the top way your life will get so much better when you decide learning to drive in shrewsbury, is……Drum Roll

1. Driving to the beach on a hot summers day!

Driving to the beach
On a hot day – having a day off work and Driving to the beach either by yourself or with friends – is a pleasure to behold!

As i sit here writing this on a cold winters day with the rain lashing against the window, there’s something quite comforting with remembering, that in those hazy, sunny, summer days, when its been hard to get a good nights sleep because its been far too warm and muggy at night. Then we tend to forget how amazing it is, to just decide “Tomorrow I’m going to the beach!”

Then either by yourself or with friends in the car, you decide to head off to the warm blue waters and glistening sand, whilst the rest of the world sits in a traffic jam on its way to work. You on the other hand have the windows rolled down, even if you have air con, the windows still have to come down! The stereo is on full blast and your right arm rest on the top of the door as you sing – in equal measure – Loudly and badly – to all your favourite tunes.

Quite rightly you can’t help thinking to yourself “Life doesn’t get better than this!!!”

2.No more waiting for buses in the wind and rain!

learning to drive means no more waiting at cold wet bus stops
Waiting at the bus stop in the rain

A close second, comes not waiting at the bus stop as the rain lashes down and the ice cold wind blows against your face. The trouble with using buses these days is that, it always becomes a combination of small annoyances, that just seem to ruin your day.

For instance, not only are you standing at the bus stop being frozen to death as the rain soaks you to the skin, but you think your hand is about to go numb, as you cant put your bags of shopping on the floor as its too wet, and when you do, the bag tends to tip over and the contents of your recently completed shopping trip, quickly go rolling down the road! But then on top of all this when the bus turns up, you just know that you then have a thirty minute bus journey to endure, whereas if you had a car, that same journey would take you some five or six minutes!

3.Not spending a small fortune on taxis!

This is a major gripe for most people, and why they start to learn to drive in shrewsbury, but of courses cars, have to be brought, fuel has to be put in and insurance has to be paid for. So all the taxi driver is doing is trying to earn a wage and get that money back. But it can be very annoying when you need a taxi perhaps on a week day, just as the school run is starting or of course early morning and late evening as everyone goes to and from work.

When ringing the taxi company and ask for a taxi as soon as possible only to be told – “It will be about 40 minutes!” It’s not the taxi companies fault, but, however it doesn’t stop the inconvenience, especially if its an unexpected journey. Perhaps your child has become ill at school or you’ve gone to see the doctors and they refer you to the clinic at the hospital. Both mean that what normally be a ten or fifteen minute journey is already going to take at least an hour.

Then there’s the fact that if you are taking that journey on a regular basis, going to and from work for instance or getting the kids to and from school everyday, needless to say that it does become very expensive indeed.

If you haven’t got a driving licence yet, you can apply for it here

4.Widening your horizon

Only an hour from Telford is the ancient city of Chester
Chester – only an hour from Shrewsbury

The other great thing when you learn to drive in Shrewsbury, is that when you pass your driving test – you get to broaden your horizon! You get to travel to places that are now easily accessible by car, which previously you may not have been able to get to without a lengthy train or coach journey.

Some of the areas that new drivers like to go to on a car journey include Chester, Liverpool, London and Cornwall. All of these places are withing a 2-4 hour drive and they will provide memories that last a lifetime. To head to any of these places at any time of year provide a special time for you, your friends and your family.

Also of course the ultimate time of the year for you to travel to any of these locations is November and December when the German Markets are held. Having the olde world charm of Chester or the hustle and bustle of London and Birmingham are fantastic highlights of your newly founded driving career.

Chester german market a great highlight to your driving career
Chester German Market


When you learn to drive in Telford you can visit chester


learn to drive in telford shropshire
Go and see Buckingham Palace, take a boat ride on the Thames, Visit the Tower Of London


Visit cornwall if you learn to drive in telford.
A visit to some lovely beaches and perhaps even learning to surf are waiting

5.Getting a better job

On a more serious note, the most defining moment of having a driving licence, becomes the fact that your opportunities and job prospects open up. At the moment just to get from Battlefield to Atcham by bus is almost impossible or to get from Meole Brace to Harlescott would take the best part of 2 hours or a huge amount of wages in taxi fees. When you pass your driving test and get a car these in reality simply become fifteen minute journey times that you never give a second thought to!

Therefore if you saw a better paying job or better working hours in a different location further away, you wouldn’t need to worry about getting there and back. You could finish work, go shopping, pick the kids up, and still be back home in roughly the same time that it would have taken you on the bus, at a fraction of the cost of catching a taxi too!

Recently we had the case of a pupil who was training to become a teacher and was asked to go on placement in another town. She of course needed to be at the school for around 8am. However the trains ran at times which meant she would either get there at 7.15am and have to hang around for forty five minutes or she would get there at 9am. of course the school said that this was no good to them and so turned down her application for placement.

Thankfully this pupil has now passed and it takes her just twenty minutes to drive from her home to the school that originally rejected her placement.

Lessons Learnt

So there we have it! FIVE very real ways that your life will improve, just because you decided to learning to drive in Shrewsbury. Just in-case that you wondering, this is also true if you learn to drive in another town!

Thanks for reading – Happy Travels!