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Why may You need Intensive driving courses Shrewsbury? Sometimes it’s not easy to fit in one or two hours of driving lessons per week. What with trying to find the right balance between work, education, family life and friends, finding the time to learn to drive can be difficult.

Intensive driving course shrewsbury
Becky took an intensive driving course shrewsbury and passed first time!

Why Book an Intensive driving course

If you are wanting to learn to drive but don’t know where you are going to fit it into your schedule, then why not consider one of Intensive driving courses in shrewsbury?

These courses are between 8 and 40 hours and allow you to learn at a much quicker rate, so you can get to driving test standard as soon as you wish. Infact with our professional driving tuition this normally takes between 1 and 5 weeks!

Intensive Driving Lessons Shrewsbury

Intensive Driving Courses Shrewsbury are suitable for people who want to pass there driving test in ONE to THREE weeks and don’t want to spend months and years learning.

You will need to have 2-4 hours a day to spend learning to drive. All courses can be altered to fit your circumstances and timetable.

Intensive driving course cost

Hours Theory test passed Course lasts Cost
10 YES2 days £350
15 YES5 days  £555
 20 YES1 week £740
25 x1 week £1000
30 x1-3 weeks £1200
 35 x  1-3 Weeks  £1495
40 x1-3 Weeks £1680

NOT INCLUDING TEST. (To be booked separately)

**All fees need to be paid 1 week before of your driving course. 7 days cancellation is needed before for all course cancellations without loss of course fee or hours booked. 

 You will have the same driving instructor as far as is possible for the length of your course.
On a Semi-Intensive course you can pay in full or in stages. You will learn on a one to one basis with no other pupils in the car.

1 Week Driving Course Shrewsbury

We also offer all our learner drivers the opportunity to take our Guaranteed Pass Course You pay one fixed price and we keep giving you driving lessons until you pass your driving test as well as all the materials and support you need.

Fast Pass Driving courses Shrewsbury

Save a whopping 35% on your car insurance by taking a pass plus course