Automatic Driving Lessons Shrewsbury

Automatic driving lessons shrewsbury

Automatic driving lessons Shrewsbury Shropshire is well established, posses over a decade of experience in driving industry and has a network of driving institutions in all over UK. We offer excellent driving lessons in shrewsbury and have a vast experience of teaching various courses at affordable prices.

Automatic driving lessons Shrewsbury is specialist in driver training, driving instructor training and Preparation of various courses. We have a team of driving experts and trainers who will help you at every moment, to achieve success in developing expertise in driving line.

Cheap driving schools Shrewsbury offer Intensive, Pass Plus and Refresher courses, Advance fleet driver training and Motorway Packages and so much more, to make driving simple and easy for our learners. Intensive driving course Shrewsbury have the knowledge of driving technology and have an exceptional reputation in teaching ethics and high techniques, so that you pass your test in first attempt.


Automatic driving schools in Shrewsbury offer high quality training and maintain consistently high passing rates. As part of training, we have designed our driving lessons in a way to ensure that our students pass both theory and practical tests at ease.

Excellent Automatic Driving Lessons In Shrewsbury

Automatic Driving School Shrewsbury provides best quality driving lessons in calm and peaceful environment. Our aim is to teach art of driving to develop competent and expert drivers. We provide excellent service in return to the value of your money.

Cheap driving lessons Shrewsbury will help you to be a safer and smooth driver and teach you, how to minimize fuel consumption and insurance premium. We will sharpen your driving skills and develop self-confidence in you to make your driving secured.

Valuable Knowledge for Learners

Learning to drive needs education, and our automatic driving lesson in Shrewsbury just not teaches driving but educate students about safe and secure driving. We also provide automatic and Manual driving lessons in London in cheap and reliable rate. We deliver information about road security, constraints on busy roads, driving tactics, knowledge about motor highways, road users behavior, causes of accidents due to wrong driving and importance of car maintenance. Basically automatic driving instructors in Shrewsbury also provide best classes.automatic driving lessons shrewsbury

The reality is that we educate people to develop driving abilities required for “Safe Driving for Life”. Below are our best discounted prices of automatic driving classes.

Automatic Driving Lesson  Shrewsbury Prices

1 hour lesson £40

Prepay 10 hours £380


We are Shrewsbury’s premier automatic driving school and currently operate seven days a week

Learning to drive an automatic car is becoming ever more popular. If you’re looking to start automatic driving lessons in Shrewsbury – we are a professional, reputable and fun driving school with Automatic Driving Instructors, to help you learn.

Why Automatic?

In brief, driving an automatic car means you don’t have to worry about changing gear. Once the gear selector is set in ‘drive’, the gearbox will look after itself and is always in the right gear at the right time. This allows you more time to concentrate on other traffic and planning your route ahead.

Other Benefits of Learning to Drive in an Automatic

Automatic cars don’t stall (relief!). The car has a hydraulically operated clutch that engages when the accelerator is pushed down – to give a smooth take off – and disengages before stopping – preventing the car from stalling.

Hill Starts Made Easy

Hill starts are done for you with most automatics as there is a phenomenon known as “Idle creep”. At engine tick-over the car moves slowly forwards and is easily controlled by the foot brake. This small amount of pull means that the car will not roll back on small/medium gradients. This is also useful when manoeuvring the car, or for easing forward at junctions where visibility is obstructed by parked vehicles, trees, hedges etc.
Control, Ease, Fun!

In the past, automatics have been looked down on, but now they are just as fast as manual cars and they are often MORE ECONOMIC than manual cars our Toyota Yaris Hybrid does 64mpg!!

Fuel Economy

These new style transmissions also have the same or better fuel economy than a manual car. This has been a major factor in the popularity of automatics in this country. In the future it is assumed that most cars will be automatic as the new breed of electric cars only have two pedals and don’t need a gearbox or clutch. Therefore it makes good sense to learn to drive an automatic car now, with a specialist driving instructor at hand.


Prices & Options
Course OptionCourse DescriptionPrice
Option 1Ten hour course  Suitable for those who have failed a test recently with less than ten minors or one or two majors and are test standard.£380.00
Option 2Fifteen hour course. Suitable for those who have failed a test no more than three months ago or are almost test standard.£525.00
Option 3Twenty hour course including test. Suitable for those who have not taken a test but are very experienced in all types of traffic and are competent in all the reversing exercises.£800.00
Option 4Twenty-five hour course including test. Suitable for pupils with some driving experience, have mastered the controls and have some experience of the reversing exercises.£1000.00
Option 5Thirty hour course including test. Suitable for the young beginners with knowledge of the controls or an older novice with at least twenty hours recent tuition with an instructor.£1200
Option 6Thirty-five hour course including test. Suitable for young confident beginners or the older novice with at least ten to fifteen hours recent tuition with an instructor.£1400
Option 7Forty hour course including test. Suitable for the young complete beginner or an older novice with at least ten hours recent tuition.£1600.00
Option 8Forty-five hour course including test. Suitable for the more nervous young beginner or older novice with a knowledge of the controls.£1875.00
Option 9Fifty hour course including test Suitable for the older novice with a knowledge of the controls£1950.00

NOT INCLUDING TEST. (To be booked separately)

If you would like us to book the practical test, just add £70 to the above prices.

**All fees also need to be paid 1 week before the start of your driving course. A minimum 7 days cancellation is needed before the start date of your course forall course cancellations,

Less than 7 days will result in the loss of course fee Or hours booked.  

You will have the same driving instructor as far as is possible for the length of your course.

  • if paying by debit / credit card, a small fee of 3% will be added to cover the cost of the card payment process.
    On a Semi-Intensive course you can pay in full or in stages. You will learn on a one to one basis with no other pupils in the car.

Intensive Automatic Driving Lessons Shrewsbury

Automatic Intensive driving courses provide best quality driving lessons in calm and peaceful environment. Our aim is to teach art of driving to develop competent and expert drivers. We provide excellent service in return to the value of your money.

Patient & Reliable Trainer

Cheap Automatic driving lessons Shrewsbury are provided by an official Driving Standards Agency approved driving instructors (ORDIT). So rest assured that you will get the highest level of training with guaranteed top quality automatic driving lessons, giving you the skills and confidence

you need to pass your UK driving test and safe driving for life.

A successful driving test is impossible without quality driving lessons through qualified trainer and you will find that our automatic driving instructors Shrewsbury are so much talented that if any problem arises;

they deal with the situation sensibly, so that client may not suffer at any stage and the problem may be solved satisfactorily.

Automatic driving lessons Instructor Shrewsbury is professional, patient and reliable and can provide driving tuition at any time convenient for you.

If you want to obtain your driving license with a little worry then we will help you to get it in a shortest possible time.

The automatic driving school in Shrewsbury can also guarantee high quality training to become automatic driving instructors in Shrewsbury who wish to pass Cardington driving Tests. With our help and expertise, you can appear in a driving instructor PART 1, 2, 3 Test,

a Diploma of Fleet Trainer PART 1, 2, 3 Test and an official driving instructor trainer check test (ORDIT). Our trainer will provide the right training and guidance required for you to achieve your driving objectives whatever they may be. Call us now to be successful in your driving aspirations.

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