Top 10 reasons for failing your driving test Shrewsbury

Top 10 Driving Test Fails

Top ten reasons for failing the driving test Shrewsbury

When it comes to taking your driving test, its a nerve racking experience, but the reasons that people tend to fail the driving test in shrewsbury, are actually avoidable and can be easily overcome.

So if you are thinking of taking your driving test in the near future these 5 tips may help you to pass.

1) Junctions (observation)
The minimum observations at a junction are right/left/right
driving test shrewsbury
The reason for this is that anything that’s just driven past you could pull up by the corner. Also as per the picture, if there are parked cars on the opposite side of the road, anything coming towards you will be on your side of the road.
  If you don’t look to the left you wont see it and will have a head on collision!
Mirrors – (change direction)
Not checking the mirrors to see what is approaching from behind, or the side mirrors to see if there is anything at the side of you.
Control (steering)
Junctions (turning right)
Move off (safely)
Positioning (normal driving)
Move off (control)
Response to signals (traffic lights)
Reverse park (control)
Response to signals (Traffic Signs)