Passing your driving test in Shrewsbury

How do I know if I’m ready for passing my driving test in Shrewsbury?

The easiest way for you to tell if you are ready for passing your driving test in shrewsbury is

Does your shrewsbury driving instructor still make notes on your progress card or IPad?

Is he still showing you… and more importantly – can you agree to the things he’s discussing, that you have done wrong.

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This includes speeding, swapping lanes on roundabouts without mirrors and signal, going right from the left lane, not stopping for people already on or near zebra crossings.

All these things are automatically serious faults. At this point your driving test would be over.

You have to remember the driving test is a practical test – its to see if you can drive correctly for 40 minutes WITHOUT making any mistakes – If you cannot drive for 40 minutes without mistakes on your lessons – you wont do it on your test!!

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This pupil did a PERFECT drive – No faults at all!! – and still FAILED for not checking one mirror when turning right!