Shrewsbury driving tests restart… but with these changes

Shrewsbury Driving Tests re-start

published August 9th 2020

Now that driving tests in shrewsbury have started again, this is good news for the many hundreds, if not thousands waiting to take a theory test or a practical driving test in shrewsbury.

However there are a few changes to bear in mind, so we here at Shrewsbury Driver Training, thought we would just point 5 of them out.

1) Wearing a face mask on your driving test – It is now compulsory to wear a face mask when taking your driving test – the only exception is if you can provide proof  because of a medical reason – other than that, unfortunately if you turn up without a mask, the test will not start.

2) If you commit a serious fault – Before lock down, if you committed a serious driving fault on your driving test, then the examiner would still carry on the test until the 40 minutes were up – NOW the situation is different. As soon as you have committed a serious driving fault, the examiner will guide you straight back to the driving test centre, so as to minimise the risk to both parties.

3) Getting cold and noisy – Due to the advice on covid, just as on your driving lessons, the windows have to be kept open slightly, now as we write this, its currently 28 degrees with glorious sunshine, so the windows being down isn’t a problem, however come those foggy and icy autumn/Winter days, its likely to become more of an issue

4) Briefing and De-brief – So far from the driving tests that we have done, its been noticeable that at the start and end of the driving test, the examiners are either doing the briefing/Debriefing outside the car, or they sit in the car with both doors wide open. Again in this gorgeous summer spell, its not a problem, but certainly as winter gets closer you may want to wear a thick hoodie or jacket to do your driving test in.

5) Being less engaging – Certainly from the tests we have seen so far, the examiners are more matter of fact and less …not friendly…but more distant and less engaging. Coming out and asking the candidate to keep their distance and to not touch any of their equipment etc. Perhaps as time goes on and the examiners adapt to the new circumstances, the tone may soften slightly

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